Founded in JULY 2010, Non-govermental organization GLOW (Global and Local health in Our World) is a NPO dedicated to working on the issue of gap on health and medical service in Japan and developing countries.

GLOW creates the society where all the people can access medical services equally through the two core strategies.

To build capacity of global medical talented persons
To supply communities with medical talented persons
To support the activities of hospitals and community for global health

1. GLOW long term traing course for doctors
3 years clinical training in rural area of Japan and the 1 year global health training in developing countries fields. Trainee can get salary from hospitals during 1 year of global health too.

2. GLOW short-term training course for nursesmidwives
This program provides 9-12months training in rural area of Japan and 3-6months training in developing countries. Generally, cooperated NGOs accept trainees.

3. Training camps for global health and community health
3days training camps provide lectures and workshop to improve the competency of participants.

4. Career-up Seminar
1 day training provide small lectures and short workshop to introduce the method and viewpoints of community health and global health.

5. Mentorship system
GLOW match young doctors and nurses with experienced professionals on global health. In addition, we are planning to encourage the developing activities of hospitals and community for global health.

If you have some concerns on us, please contact with us.

Name: GLOW
Organization: non-profit organizationi
Date of Establishment: 18th/Jul/2010
Staff: 1 Stationed Staff, and 14 volunteers staffs
Director: Yuiko TAKAHASHI(Representative), Tamotsu NAKASA, Moe ANDO, Hisao ANDO
Moe ANDO, Hisao ANDO
Office Address: 4F Taito Taito-ku Tokyo 110-0016 Japan
Tel: +81-3-6240-1890
E-mail: info@npo-glow.org